Gloria’s most popular presentations:

1. Born genius: how your young brain  learned to limit itself. The secret of cultivating multiple intelligences, how to avoid closing down capabilities and how to reactivate your talents.

Early learning experiences either promote or ‘shut down’ brain activity. Presenting the latest in both mainstream and alternative science, medicine to show how your younger ‘self’ impacts you today.

It’s about by bridging brain science, education, health and parenting.

2. I is for Identity

Every belief you hold about your ‘self’ and ‘others’ is created.  Hear how neural frameworks for ‘the self’ emerge early in life: a fundamental ‘motherboard’ influencing learning efficiency and self worth. Get inside knowledge about how to shape and transform your life.

It’s about protecting the emerging ‘self’, sparking creativity and providing the ideal conditions for maximum performance.

3. Label off and lift off!  How to use the power of your unique intelligence

When we label ourselves, and others, we bottle up our human potential and not wine! – and everyone loses. Learn how to identify unhelpful labels and use your strengths to bootstrap your weaknesses.

It’s about empowerment and releasing your amazing potential – and it’s about trading labelled boxes for a beautiful unique human experience – seriously liberating and funnily simple.


4. The Playful Giant: how ‘playing’ prepares the way for lasting creativity in adulthood

Creativity is the key element in innovation. Hear the science of play in terms of brain development. See why it is vital for adults to ‘play’ and nurture their own creativity.

It’s about the power of play, the science of play and why ‘play’ powerfully triggers neurological development – a powerful adult productivity tool!