“I now do things differently & I provide clear cohesive direction for my grandson,  as a grandfather , maintaining specific boundaries & a consistent approach. Without Dr Wright all this would not have been possible. Her help, encouragement & knowledge have been invaluable” Peter, Grandfather 65+ years.

Grandparents play a vital role in the raising of children  – this has always been true – today, in today’s challenging world, it’s more so than ever!

There’s no softer place to fall than in into the arms of a grandparent.

It’s not always easy being a grandparent. You worry about your grandkids: the internet, their eating, discipline and more… but how do you communicate your concerns, and tips, to your adult children without being seen as a ‘critical know-it-all’?

Grandparents are not only great warriors for the grandkid’s well being, they are great worriers!

Learn how to help without harming relationships. Talk over your concerns about your grandkid’s learning, development and safety and find ways for your adult children, the parents of your grandkids to improve – Gloria loves working with grandparents and elevating their value.

Gloria will help you with the things that keep you awake at night – grandkids, relationships, communication and trust.

Gloria has a way of bringing families to the table for the sake of helping little ones, teens and young adults into the future. She has special intergenerational skills and deeply understands how and why grandparents make a difference.