“I got more from twenty minutes coaching with you, Dr Gloria S Wright, than two years (and a heap of money) with others  who only said what was wrong – with you I got solutions that work – everything turned around in just a few weeks.” Felicity, Mother of two. January 2020

I’m Dr Gloria S Wright. I’m a registered and experienced education expert, child, teen and adult educator, parent coach, adult coach, speaker and author of two books.

If you are looking for help and advice to motivate and accelerate yourself, or your child,  book a consultation today.

You’ll quickly see why my unique analytical and intuitive approach are immediately useful to you. You’ll get rapid, lasting change and a happier more fulfilled life experience.

What makes me different?

As an education expert and skilled coach, I  help you see the barriers derailing you.  Find out what they are. When you remove the blind spots, you’ll see how to find the right fit for you, in schooling, in work, in relationships.

“…the worse thing you can do, is live the label you’ve been given …” Gloria


Why do I do what I do? 

There are very few problems that I have not encountered. Nothing makes me happier than to see lives turn around fast.

Don’t expect a medical/therapy approach. Instead, I will help you with solutions, reframing problems AND removing the false labels attached to yourself. You’ll have more energy and ‘know how’ to change . Using my advance skills, decades of experience and qualifications few can match, you’ll find your way to a more harmonious life – doing this is not just my profession, it is my life purpose.

“…education is better than medicalisation…”  Dr Gloria S Wright

Why do you do what you do? 

You may have, like most people, imbalances in your life. You will likely repeat the same patterns over and over.

While there are genuine disabilities and problems, if you live into your problems and labels and not into your abilities and solutions, you’ll be repeating the same pointless behaviours again and again. You’ll will get you more of the same.

“… know what you are good at, detect your blind spots, get calm and comfortable accepting day to day challenges and find the right path for you…”