“I got more from twenty minutes with you Gloria than two years (and a heap of money) with others  who only said what was wrong – with you I got what works – everything turned around in just a few weeks.” Felicity, Mother of two. January 2020

Dr Gloria S Wright PhD (The University of Sydney) is a highly respected educator, registered and experienced business skills coach, speaker and author of two books.

She has 30+ years experience working with high performance individuals trying to be great parents, whilst balancing work demands: helping them become more effective as parent leaders and agile in handling work and relationship demands.

And she’s highly skilled in motivating teens and young adults to discover their strengths, find the right courses and jobs that a good fit for them, and improve relationship with significant people at home, at school and in the workplace.

When you experience Gloria, you’ll quickly see why her unique analytical and intuitive approach are immediately useful to you for rapid, lasting change and a happier more fulfilled life experience.

What is she especially known for?

As a child education expert, parent coach and teen/young adult careers coach, she  is globally recognised for her work in removing the barriers of diagnostic labels and for her work in unlocking Multiple Intelligences (MI) for happier, more productive lives.


Gloria says:

“…the worse thing you can do, is live the label you’ve been given …”


Why does Gloria help? 

There are very few problems that Gloria has not encountered and nothing makes her happier than to see lives turn around fast.

Don’t expect a medical/therapy approach – instead, Gloria will help you with solutions, reframing problems, more energy and ‘know how’ to change – and results!

For Dr Gloria S Wright PhD, promoting success for children,  teens and young adults for happy, harmonious lives is not just her profession, it is her life purpose.

Notwithstanding that diagnoses and medication may be necessary for some serious problems, Gloria says:

“…education is better than medicalisation…”

Her key message is that there are many ways to be ‘smart’ and being smart is not about an IQ number.

Expressing human intelligence is not only about getting great grades (although that’s nice too).

“…it‘s more important to raise creative, socially aware children though to young adults, who know what they are good at, are comfortable in accepting their day to day challenges and who love their life…”