Get the advice, guidance and parenting ‘know how’ to help you make wise choices for your child – move away from parenting pain to joy. RESIST YOUR CHILD BEING LABELLED! Help your child discover the gift of multiple intelligences ( many of which are not recognised at school).

Dr Wright  gave me help & guidance & the tools which have subsequently worked very very well for me & my relationship with my grandson. “We are doing things differently now“. Without Dr Wright all this would not have been possible. 

Peter Clarke, Retired Dentist, Newcastle NSW June 2020

Parents hold the responsibility for their child’s education and well being – but it’s not easy – confusing labels, bullying, lack of motivation, eating, sleeping and on and on it goes… 

Parents must be wise in today’s complicated world! But how?

Gloria helps parents sort it out!

There’s never a more important or more complex project you will ever do in your entire life than PARENT.

Dr Gloria S Wright PhD (The University of Sydney) is a highly respected child education specialist with exceptional abilities understanding and helping family dynamics.


Discover what’s going wrong and fix it fast.