“I used to get caught up with my friends having issues. It made me sad and confused. It was getting so bad I was dropping behind in my school work. Gloria helped me learn how to feel better and still be a good friend. I’m feeling a lot better” Lauren, 14 years.

If your teen is struggling with relationships and/or school, or if you are having a challenging time managing your teen at home and keeping your teen safe, Gloria is the expert to help, without putting your teen in a box with a label!

Rapport, rapport, rapport. Teens quickly feel at ease with Gloria – but she doesn’t hold back on moving and motivating them towards improvement.

Gloria has deep knowledge on how the neuronal pathways operate in the teen brain. Get parent coaching and guide your teen for a successful future.

” I can’t thank you enough Gloria…we were on the track for serious mental health diagnoses and probable heavy medication for our teen – you helped us learn how to be calm, aware and consistent and you’ve helped our girl in amazing ways – she’s a different person and for the better” Paul and Fiona, parents of teenage daughter 13 years