Dr Gloria S Wright Motivational Speaker


Topics – enquire for a complete list

A favourite:

Multiple intelligences – what are they? How to use them to your advantage!

Discover 8 distinct ways of being smart. Learn how to discover your own personal combination of ‘smarts’ and help those around you find theirs too!

Research based – practical – ready to go.

Avoid medical labels. Be happier, live more productively and stay aware and calm.


Signature style…

entertaining – provocative –  action oriented

Gloria is no boring academic!  You won’t easily find her behind a lectern. You’ll learn and laugh.


  1. KEYNOTES: theme oriented and tailored to suit, for conferences and special events, typically 40-60 and up to 90 minutes
  1. SEMINARS: lecture style yet anything but ‘boring’– intended to inform and enthuse – typically 30-45 minutes
  1. IN HOUSE: highly interactive, “sleeves rolled up”, resource-packed  taking participants on a steep, practical learning curve 1/2 day and up to two days


“…a high degree of warmth, bright spirit and professionalism”

Charlie Lang, Director, Progress U, Hong Kong


“Wonderful! Interesting! Thought Provoking! Can’t wait until the next talk”

Alison McMillan, DAHK, Hong Kong