“We are all now on the same page and my child sees himself in a positive way. We have learned that he has many abilities and his learning is improving fast while he feels good about himself. No-one has helped us any where as much as you Gloria thank goodness we found you”. Claire, 46 years, mother of 9 year old.



when we do something we love, it’s usually because we are good at it – and when we are good at it,  we do it more. When we do it more, we get better at it – and then, we get positive feedback and when we experience positive responses,  we want to do it again… because we are successful!

“Gloria helped me to discover new ways to help kids get better at what they are not so good at. They begin to enjoy it. They get better and better, increase in confidence, and do it some more! Success leads to more success.”

Dr Gloria S Wright PhD (The University of Sydney) is a highly respected child education specialist. 

Gloria provides parents with guidance and a plan that  avoids unhelpful labels – you get solutions for a happier more fulfilled life for your child and you!

She helps children by identifying and sharpening their eight distinct intelligences. Through her 1:1 approach that blends analysis, intuition and brilliant resources. every child is enthused by Gloria’s unique approach that helps them learn – she engages new neuronal pathways to access learning in different ways. The results speak for themselves.

Gloria gives schools and teachers better ways to help children without getting stuck in acronyms and labels – she truly sees every child as magnificent.