Dr Gloria S Wright

Author | Educator | Coach

Learning Solutions, Sydney, Hong Kong

life is our teacher

Education is power!

Education begins the moment we are born – in fact, research shows that we learn in the womb. It follows that child education is, next to health and safety, the most serious aspect of parenting.

For many, dissatisfaction in life began when we were at school because we learned less about abilities and more about how we didn’t measure up compared to others – some get through it, others lose motivation early on and at worse, develop learned helplessness.

One of the main reasons is that there’s a global trend to apply medical solutions for behavioural and attention difficulties – this is called ‘medicalisation’ – you get a diagnosis for something that’s not ‘medical’ – or a label that puts you in a box.

Parents are often confronted with the labelling of their children. Being a parent is hard enough even at the best of times – it’s the toughest gig anyone can have.

And as a young adult, finding the study and job that’s a good fit for you can be confusing and costly, costly to your health and happiness if you don’t get it right – Gloria will help you discover more about what and why you love particular activities/skills – when you enjoy what you do, you’ll get positive feedback (from others or ‘yourself’) and you’ll be happier and more successful… Gloria will also uncover the barriers that are derailing you… and provoke the changes you choose to make…

“Hi thanks for visiting. I’m here to help you or the one you care about, with education, career advancement and relationship improvement.  I hold a PhD (USyd) in education and social work, and I’m a registered life, business and corporate coach using a hybrid combination of counselling, consultancy and coaching.  Countless testimonials say that my work is phenomenal in bringing about change for the better. Nothing would make me happier than to help you!”