How do I improve my relationship with adult son?

Grandmother praises Gloria for her help

What People Are Saying about Gloria

  • Ricky Nowak
    Ricky Nowak Speaker, Consultant, Author-Australia

    “Dr Gloria Sunnie Wright is an authentic, professional and dedicated educator and leader in her field. She is able to combine an empathic and yet strong intellect with humour and passion in her work. I highly recommend her work for the difference it makes.”

  • Rodney Marks
    Rodney Marks Corporate Speaker-Sydney

    “Gloria is an excellent speaker: inspirational, motivational, educational and entertaining. I recommend her without hesitation or reservation.”

  • Dr Helena Popovic
    Dr Helena Popovic MBBS, University of Sydney

    “Dr Gloria Wright is a true pioneer and thought leader. She speaks with a unique voice and is not afraid to challenge established dogma that limits human potential.  She not only asks the hard questions, she answers. Dr Gloria Wright fulfils this directive through her scholarly research.”

  • Dr Dean
    Dr Dean Powerful Healer, Byron Bay, Australia

    “Intelligent, connected, passionate and informative. Delivered with vibrance and compassion, challenging everyone’s paradigms and perspectives with the intention of empowering change for a healthier happier humanity!”

  • Trevor R. Parmenter
    Trevor R. Parmenter Professor, The University of Sydney

    “Dr Gloria Wright provocatively challenges the increasing tendency of sections of the medical profession to over diagnose, over label and over medicate children whose behaviour appears to deviate from the so-called norm.”

  • Peter Conard
    Peter Conard Professor, Brandeis University, USA

    “The question addressed in Dr Wright’s research is significant, stated most simply ‘how does a child become designated as ADHD’. Dr Wright shows an impressive knowledge of the literature.”

  • Dianne
    Dianne Musician, Grandmothe and mother

    Dr Gloria helped me and my daughter with advice for the behaviour of my 5 year old grandson. She was quickly able to hone on the problems. She gave my daughter very helpful advice. Since then my daughter is feeling much happier with the way she is talking to her son. I highly recommend Gloria. August 2020

  • Diana

    ‘I needed help to motivate my students. Dr Gloria helped me in my teaching enormously by giving me ideas as to how to motivate people. It’s helped a lot.’ August 2020

More Testimonials 

  • Bob Sapey
    Bob Sapey Professor, University of Lancaster, UK

    “This is possibly the best written research study I have read. It has been a real pleasure to have studied it. I have enjoyed it immensely and learned a great deal from Dr Wright’s Book.”

  • Barbara Fawcett
    Barbara Fawcett Professor, University of Birmingham, UK

    “Dr Gloria Wright’s incisive, beautifully written analysis makes excellent reading for those interested in the arguments surrounding the medicalisation of behaviours. It demonstrates scholarship, research, sensitivity and fortitude and significantly adds to the debates in this field.”


  • Ginny Humpage
    Ginny Humpage Principal, Hong Kong

    “Very informative hour, well presented with lots of new information as well as a review of what I know”

  • Ricky Sievert
    Ricky Sievert Principal, Thomas Gall School, Sri Lanka

    “Thank you so much for generously sharing your knowledge and wisdom with US! Global citizenship at its finest”

  • Cheryl Raper
    Cheryl Raper Chair, FOCUS Organisation, Hong Kong

    “Thank you Dr Wright for presenting a high quality presentation, I am impress of your passion and knowledge of the subject matter”

  • May Lee
    May Lee Student, University of Hong Kong

    “Very insightful talk, Dr Wright’s abilities as a great speaker were an display”

  • Peter Clark
    Peter Clark Retired Dentist and Grandfather

    I connected with Dr Wright as a grandparent to support my adult daughter & her husband in the parenting of my 6yo grandson. I  now do things differently. Her help, encouragement & knowledge have been invaluable. Without Dr Wright all this would not have been possible.

  • Juliet Clark
    Juliet Clark Yoga Teacher and Grandmother

    “I highly recommend Dr Gloria Wright as an exemplary advisor on human personal and interpersonal relationships and behaviours, within the context of education and family life. Her innate style and professional guidance was carefully delivered supporting her many years experience as a parent, teacher and acclaimed academic.  After one meeting and with Dr Wright I noticed immediate positive and conclusive results in improved behaviours in my grandson and family unit. A brilliant outcome.”

  • Wendy Dwyer
    Wendy Dwyer Mother

    Gloria has helped me in my communication skills with my adult son…with Gloria’s guidance I have a much more positive experience in helping my adult son. July 2020

……..and even more recent testimonials for Dr Gloria S Wright

“Gloria thank you for your learned input and leadership”

Craig Curry, Special Education State Manager, NSW Department of Education, Australia


“I have personally gained knowledge of all kinds from Dr Gloria Wright. I am inspired by her conviction in paving a smoother label-free path for our future generation.”

Lucy L.Y. Wang, Canada


“I appreciated the 7 essential things children need to have of experience because a lot of teachers & parents forget most of these”

Joms Ortega


“Great information, especially the part where brain is unequal to mind. Would love to hear more about that”

Chamming Pan


“Insightful seminer. Powerful reminder of the precious job we have as early educator”

Vanessa Vloyd


“Really enjoyed the talk. Would like to learn more about incorporating the 8 MI into the classroom. The information is really useful”

Katie Miller