What’s the difference between consultancy, counselling and coaching?

Gloria provides a hybrid service because it is tailored to your situation – at times, you need direct advice. Consultancy provides ‘direction’ – here, Gloria says what she thinks and why. She shows you what to do, explains how it helps, and shows how to evoke change for the better.

Counselling, is a little different. Counselling presents possibilities – fresh ways of ‘thinking’ about your situation and possible ‘blind spots’ or barriers you back.

Coaching, in contrast, is a particular technique in facilitating your inner wisdom. You create and plan and execute your own ideas, with new found insight and motivation provided by Gloria.

In most cases, Gloria draws on all three approaches guided by your need and wishes.

What’s the focus?

No problem is too small no too great for Gloria – she’ll  help you with what ever is important to you in your role of educating your child.

For the most part, Gloria, being an education and multiple intelligences expert, helps and guides parents who are experiencing concerns for their children’s learning or well being.

Concerns could be mild and pre-empt more serious issues, or may be more complex including the process and outcome of diagnoses, family stress/change/pressures, schooling, intergenerational relationships including grand-parenting – the focus is always about educating you, the education and well being of your child or teen, and increased happiness.

How is it arranged?

It’s easy. Contact Gloria to book an appointment. Gloria help parents, grandparents (individually and/or in family groups) and children themselves (especially teens) in flexible ways:

face-to-face (in her private suite in Freshwater, NSW Australia, her professional rooms in Hong Kong, or a place of mutual agreement)


by phone (individual)

What about costs?

Sessions are flexible, confidential and private.

Gloria commonly works in 50 minute time periods – sometimes a double session is useful (100minutes) and sometimes less (half sessions), payable in AUD in advance by direct transfer.