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A fresh look at Tove Jansson (1914-2001) on her 100th year, had she still been with us, shows the power of spatial and linguistic intelligence, bundled up in one powerfully influential lady. Yet Tove found school to be less than inspiring. In fact, she was evidently not well liked by her teachers. She reflects, “I suppose that I wrote mainly for myself; perhaps to regain something of the free, adventurous and secure summers of my childhood. But perhaps I also sometimes wrote for the sort of child who feels pushed aside and timid.” Her artistic and literary works may have been ‘locked in’  had it not been for the encouragement of her parents. Intelligence is not only about numbers, puzzles and facts alone, bottled up in a single score. It’s about identifying, using and growing your aptitudes – and firing it with your passion. Artistically speaking, Tove Jansson left the world a richer place. Why not identify your unique intelligences and do similarly?TOVE JANSONN

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