For people who ‘think’, want ‘energy’ and want change FAST!

Dr Gloria is no boring academic!  You won’t easily find her behind a lectern.

Signature style…

entertaining – provocative – intelligent : motivational, transforming, action

Bringing your conference and professional development to life!

Gloria is about condensing cutting edge research

and, she’s got the knack of making the complex easy in areas including…

tuning in to your intuition~integrating talent for productivity and happiness~capturing your brain power~transforming yourself, your workplace and your family~ constructing the perfect conditions for creativity~regaining your mojo…and much more~discovering the 8 modes of human intelligence…what you’ve got, and how to get more ‘smarts’ in your life…

  1. KEYNOTES: theme oriented and tailored to suit, for conferences and special events, typically 40-60 and up to 90 minutes
  1. SEMINARS: lecture style yet anything but ‘boring’– intended to inform and enthuse – typically 30-45 minutes
  1. IN HOUSE: highly interactive, “sleeves rolled up”, resource-packed  taking participants on a steep, practical learning curve 1/2 day and up to two days


“…a high degree of warmth, bright spirit and professionalism”

Charlie Lang, Director, Progress U, Hong Kong


“Wonderful! Interesting! Thought Provoking! Can’t wait until the next talk”

Alison McMillan, DAHK, Hong Kong