Coaching is about you – not about how much  Gloria ‘knows’ (although it helps that she knows a lot) . Gloria’s expertise is in bringing to the fore your strengths, your wisdom and your drive for what matters most to you – and your organisation.

You have inner wisdom – so find it to know which direction to take.

Career and work, and personal life-relationships, are not isolated. When your personal or work landscape is changing, it’s great having a coach like Gloria.

Coaching with Gloria  will help you hear your thoughts, hone in on what’s important and experience the satisfaction of being accountable to ‘you’. You’ll feel the weight lift and clarity appear. You’ll the celebrate results you may have doubted could ever be yours.

Using specialised assessment tools and an extraordinary knack in pinpointing what’s important, you will begin to draw on your own wisdom.

Gloria ‘co-pilots’ with you – helping you to create and invigorate – and when it helps, she’ll wrap in her extensive skill base to show you new strategies, tips and tools – it’s about you centre stage and those with whom you work and relate benefitting too!

  • Personal direction – find out what your intelligent strengths actually are and learn how to shore up your weaknesses. You will soon be able to embrace new challenges.
  •  Fulfilment and ease – see how much simpler it is than you once thought to increase your productivity, feel calmer, and be more aware than ever.
  • Reduce confusion and get clear – detect  barriers and pinpoint the source/s or stressors once and for all!

With Dr Gloria S Wright PhD, you are getting a registered, highly qualified, experienced and authentic coach enquire about coaching here