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the business of life 

One way to describe ‘life’ is to say that it is a series of never-ending problems – one after the other and sometimes all at once! AND,  – it’s tangled – home/relationships/work…

… there can be a range of reasons we get ‘stuck’ … from a life changing ‘event’ that causes serious stress (PTSD) or even disabilities…to relationships that hold us back from the happiness we deserve…to being in a job that isn’t right for us… and more.

When life feels ‘ordinary’ or even overwhelming … and when traditional ‘therapy’ is not what you want … then, having your own qualified personal coach could be the best thing you ever did.

Imagine this … having  an experienced qualified and unbiased person,  who’ll keep you free from labels, ask thought provoking questions and give you ideas you hadn’t thought of…

… to quickly pinpoint the core issues and barriers – and help you leverage your talents and even better, monetise your ideas!

Dr Gloria is a highly qualified and registered life, business and corporate coach with a doctorate who can make the complex simple and make it easy for you to change.