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Gloria shares…

One way to describe ‘life’ is to say that it is a series of never-ending problems – one after the other and sometimes all at once! It all began when you were a baby and today, it’s tangled – home/relationships/work/business.

While there can be a range of reasons we sometimes get ‘stuck’ in tough stuff on the home front, relationships, workload, businesses … and while we might even have a life- changing ‘event’ that causes serious stress (PTSD) or even disabilities or mental health strain… or have to deal with difficult people who hold us back from the happiness we deserve…to being in a job that isn’t right for us… and dreams that elude us, leaving us feeling ‘flat’ and unfulfilled….

…problems are not always a negative. They can be a way to trigger personal transformation and to see what we can change… problems can provide the motivation to find a better way.

So, imagine this … having an experienced, clued up qualified and unbiased professional,  who’ll keep you free from labels, ask thought provoking questions and give you ideas … to pinpoint the core issues, the barriers, and why unwanted patterns keep coming up… to help you deal with difficult people and, ultimately, identify and leverage your talents to monetise your ideas!

You’ve just imagined your own personal life coach.

She is registered life, business and corporate coach with a special passion for helping teens, young adults and entrepreneurial parents. She is highly qualified in the field of mental health and social well being.