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Championing the maverick in you

Dr Gloria S Wright PhD, Motivational Speaker and Coach Australia, Hong Kong enthusiastically brings the neuro-science of creativity to the fore to help bring out the creative change maker in you – the maverick.

Dr Gloria steps into the public speaking arena, while honoured at The University of Sydney for her academia as an Honorary Associate.

The founder and chairwoman of Learning Solutions Asia Pacific, and a member of E-speakers the top event industry body globally, she brings intellect to conference speaking events with her signature enthusiasm and energetic style.

An adventurous groundbreaker in the field of human and scientific intelligence, she turns outdated ways of approaching innovation , personal success and education completely around by showing that there are many ways of expressing ‘smart’!

When she is not speaking at events, she is helping leaders and individuals discover how to tap into the creative intelligence of the brain and how to apply this to work and personal life. Do something different.

A published author, popular speaker and coach bringing out the best in you, get prepared for solutions like no other.

Creativity is at the core of good leadership…

Businesses, organisations and small networks and yes, you, must create or retract. Discover how to get moving, producing and living intelligently. Experience the difference hiring Dr Gloria makes.